It is a branch of telemedicine in that it offers consultations for neurological problems from a remote location using the telephone or the Internet. It encompasses teleconsultations, teleconferencing, and a doctor, or a patient may initiate it.

At Healing Headaches, we offer Teleconsultation services, which put you in touch with a Headache Physician.

Teleconsultation can be done from the comfort of your home.

Our consultation service for Headache Medicine would be an excellent option for you if:

  • A first-time visit to get a medical opinion about your headaches.
  • A second opinion, if you want a fresh set of eyes on your Headache history and management.
  • A Headache specialist consultation if you do not have a Headache Specialist in your area or live out of the Texas area.
  • If a trained Headache Medicine Physician has never evaluated you.
  • To understand new therapies, procedures, and intravenous infusion, which are now available for headache management.
  • To understand in-depth about your headache management and what you can do to improve your headaches.

Please note the Teleconsultation services offer CONSULT only. During Teleconsultation

Dr. Chaudhry will spend around an hour reviewing your case, understanding your headache history, detailing key points, and reviewing all your medications. She will then suggest and offer various treatment options, which you can discuss with your primary physician/neurologist that you are currently seeing. Please note the slot will be dedicated entirely to you; we do not overbook patients.

Please note Teleconsultation is a Consult visit only, we will not prescribe medications during this visit. If during Teleconsultation, you determine that you would like Dr. Chaudhry to continue with your Headache management, an in-Person visit will be required and can be set up within 3-14 days.